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Middleton Area Development Corporation - What We Do

Promote economic development within the City of Middleton utilizing loan programs to expand and develop business opportunities with qualified companies.

MADC Mission Statement

MADC is a private loan fund administered by a local board comprised of members with a variety of backgrounds including bankers, business owners, and private investors.  We work in conjunction with the City of Middleton and the Middleton Chamber of Commerce on prospective projects that promote and build our growing Middleton economy. Legally, MADC is a 501(c)(4) Not For Profit non-stock corporation, and retains its own legal and accounting professionals.  Prospective applicants deal exclusively with MADC on a confidential basis.

Our involvement in a proposal can occur in a number of ways, either as a line-of-credit loan, or an installment structured loan.  Based on the evaluation of the proposal, MADC can provide economic development funds to facilitate a variety of projects for both existing businesses, or new companies considering relocation to our growing community. Projects can include infrastructure improvements, renovations necessary for a relocation, new construction, even equipment or machinery purchases to grow a business.


Middleton Economic Relief Loan (MERL) Program

The Middleton Area Development Corporation (MADC) is collaborating with the City of Middleton to provide a new loan fund known as the Middleton Economic Relief Loan (MERL) program. The intent of the MERL program is to offer low interest loans to businesses in the City of Middleton with flexible repayment terms.

The fund may remain in existence beyond the end of the year, or as committed funds to the program are available, whichever comes first.

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MADC - About Us

MADC was originally formed in the late 1970's to begin Middleton's economic development efforts, however, our nation's tough economic times of the mid 1980's forced the group to cease operations. Things changed, and our economy improved, and beginning in 2000, recognizing the need and opportunity to help grow Middleton, MADC was reincorporated, and in 2003 a new agreement between MADC and the City of Middleton was created that still exists today.

Today, MADC Board members all share a common goal of growing Middleton and surrounding area, by providing a variety of loan opportunities to facilitate economic development in our area.

MADC President - Kevin Mahaney

Thank you for visiting the MADC website! For 2021, MADC continues to play a leading role in helping our business community. With the full rollout of the Middleton Economic Relief Loan (MERL) program, we have been able to help 24 Middleton based businesses who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. These 24 businesses combined represent sales and revenue of $37,000,000 within City limits. The success of MERL would not have been possible without the determined collaboration between MADC and the City of Middleton.

MADC has also committed $100,000 to a matching grant program to help fund the new Stone Horse Green Plaza slated to open in downtown Middleton in 2022. The vacant greenspace will be another transformation to Middleton’s downtown offering an inviting setting for all members of our community. In recent years, MADC has played a key role in the redevelopment of downtown Middleton and our matching grant commitment will provide numerous benefits to the community for years to come. I am especially grateful to our Board of Directors for their thoughtful leadership with the Stone Horse Green project. 

Is there some way that MADC can be of help your business? Perhaps an introduction or a referral to one of our area professionals? If so, please contact me and we’ll do our very best to help you become part of the Good Neighbor City.  

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Middleton and MADC - Good For Business

Simply put, Middleton is just a great little community. A great place to work, a great place to live, and a great place to be from.

Middleton is calls itself the Good Neighbor City, it is a a description that applies not only for the people who live in the city, but also the relationships with the businesses and corporations located in the city as well. Middleton is the corporate headquarters for companies like Spectrum Brands, American Girl, Fiskars International, and Electronic Theatre Controls in part because it combines geographic availability, attractive incentives and a willingness to work in partnership to grow with each other. In concert with this, Middleton offers a quality lifestyle of living, dining, retail, and recreational opportunities for its citizens, and employees of these companies.

The opportunities are not limited only to large corporations, and at MADC we work with all size businesses interested in expansion within, or relocating to Middleton. The city of Middleton offers much more that similar size cities of 20,000 residents, and from a business and economic development perspective, the Middleton Area Development Corporation is a key attribute making it better than most.

MADC Featured Project: Middleton Municipal Airport/Morey Field Terminal Building

One of MADC’s earliest projects was building a new airport terminal at Middleton Municipal Airport/Morey Field. The construction of the terminal provided space for a fixed based operator (FBO) to service the local airport. This facility included offices, a service area, training and conference rooms along with room for an outside tenant. This was an early example of MADC’s ability to collaborate with the City to enhance the economic base. Today the airport terminal at Morey Field serves a growing and diverse part of our community. The airport features a 4,000 ft. long primary runway airport and 43 individual hangar buildings—one with ten individual units and one with eight. A master planning process is under way to study the potential for expanding runways and developing a new cluster of hangars.

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